Lulele Learning Space is a MOE-Registered Chinese Language Learning Centre that aims to bring fun and love in learning to children.

我们的信念 Our Belief





At Lulele, we are committed to developing Chinese Minds inside you.

Chinese Minds have a basic command of the language, and also recognise important Chinese cultural similarities that can be applied in everyday life.

By using materials and taking references from everyday topics, learners shall find it easier to connect and find practicality in what they learn.

With the help of nurturing educators, coupled with games and other experiential learning processes designed to cultivate interest, one shall naturally build interest towards the language.

Bid Goodbye to painful, embarrassing, or awkward battles with Chinese!

我们的使命 Our Mission

华文学习真的有这么困难和痛苦吗? 这是我们一直在思考的问题。


  • 我们要改变华文无趣、难学的刻板印象,让孩子不再讨厌、害怕华文。
  • 我们希望透过设计学习体验,让孩子在体验中、玩乐中培养终生学习(华文)的能力。
  • 我们从生活出发,挖掘、发展新颖的华文学习角度,让华文学习来自生活,也能落实于生活。


Take the Pain out of Learning Chinese.

What we feel empowered about:

  • We want to reverse “Hostile” emotions (Think fear and dislike) towards the Chinese (language) and culture!
  • We design classes that inspire a positive environment to learning Chinese Language and Culture.
  • We dig deep and go to unventured paths to help learning be more fun and closer to everyday life!

All programmes presented by Lulele fulfil the key objectives of allowing your “Chinese Mind” to develop, while instilling positive values within through the learning of the language, in a fun-filled, hands-on environment.

We do not promise “No-homework”, but we promise fun and laughter.

Join Our Team!


If you share the same passion and endeavours, we’re keen to have you to join us! Introduce yourself at hello@lulele.sg