Course Details

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For P3 to P6 (9 – 12 Years Old)

10 lessons per term

(1.5 hours per lesson for P3-P4; 2 hours per lesson for P5-P6)

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Creative Writing Class

*10 Lessons/Term*

For P3 – P6

Unlock your creativity and imagination!


We guide students to the roots of writing – telling stories. Start by describing a picture clearly, from a clause to a paragraph, and then to an article. Through reading aloud with teacher, students will grasp the sense of Chinese language, and get to understand how quality writing entails.


Students are guided step by step to master the skill of writing a composition. They will learn how to generate ideas and express thoughts clearly. At the same time, through daily life thematic topics, build up one’s word bank.


The course aims to help students “build up words to write”, “develop stories to tell” as well as “writing as thinking”, leading students into the habit of thinking throughout the writing process.

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Daily life thematic learning
  • Fun and practical writing activities
  • Cultivate good writing habits
  • Focus on building word bank for writing
  • Small Class Size (max. 8 students)






  • 精选贴近生活的主题
  • 养成良好的写作习惯
  • 锻炼写作思维
  • 积累常用的写作词汇
  • 方法与实战训练结合
  • 小组教学,每班最多8人


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