Course Details

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Level 1 : P1 – P2 (7 – 8 Years Old)

Level 2 : P2 – P3 (8 – 9 Years Old)

*Please enquire separately for Intensive Course for P4-P6*

10 lessons x 4 terms

(1.5 hours per class)

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EASI Chinese Class

*4-term Course*

For P1 – P3

*Intensive Course for P4 to P6 is also available*

Word recognition is the fundamental of Chinese language learning.

EASI Chinese is a multimedia* teaching programme aims to help children learn Chinese characters (Hanzi) in a methodological and fun way. It uses interesting animations and pictorial aids to help children understand the history and context of key Hanzi. Children will hence better appreciate how these characters are formed.

The programme will be supplemented by guided worksheets and practice sessions to help build up children’s confidence in speaking, reading and writing Hanzi.

Through animations, games and songs, children will unwittingly remember the structure, strokes and order of strokes of Hanzi.


*The set of multimedia learning tool is supported and sponsored by the Chinese Language and Culture Fund.

This programme is based on a structured curriculum.

There are 3 levels that follows:

  • Level 1 – Recommended for Primary 1 or 2
  • Level 2 – Recommended for Primary 2 and above
  • Level 3 – For those who have completed Level 2

Students will learn:

  • Oral communication and expressions
  • Origin of each Hanzi
  • Understand the structure and meaning of Hanzi
  • Grasp the strokes and order of strokes (笔画)
  • Grow their vocabulary bank
  • Develop good reading habits and improve comprehension

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese learning environment
  • Multimedia teaching material
  • Learn word recognition, verbal expressions and build characters
  • Fun learning experience with interactive games, children’s songs singing
  • Small group learning of max. 8 students












  • 沉浸式学习环境
  • 多媒体教学
  • 学识字,学口语表达,也培养品格
  • 语文游戏、唱儿歌,快乐学习
  • 小班教学,最多8人


第一级:适合小一/小二(7 – 8岁)

第二级:适合小二/小三 (8 – 9岁)



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