Course Details

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Level 1 : 6 – 7 Years Old

Level 2 : 8 – 9 Years Old

Level 3:9 -10 Years Old

*Please enquire separately for Intensive Course for P4-P6*

10 lessons x 4 terms

(1.5 hours per class)

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EASI Chinese Class

For P1 – P3

*Intensive Course for P4 to P6 is also available*

Word recognition is the fundamental of Chinese language learning.

EASI Chinese is a multimedia* Word Recognition curriciulum that helps children master Chinese  (汉字 Hanzi) in a systematic manner, progressively as they advance in levels.

The programme will be supplemented by guided worksheets to reinforce learning.

Lessons are conducted with a variety of activities such as animations, games, poems and rhymes.


*The set of multimedia learning tool is supported and sponsored by the Chinese Language and Culture Fund.

This programme is based on a structured curriculum.

There are 3 levels that follows:

  • Level 1 – Recommended for Primary 1 or 2
  • Level 2 – Recommended for Primary 2 and above
  • Level 3 – For those who have completed Level 2

Students will learn:

  • Oral communication and expressions 累计语言的敏感度和口语表达能力
  • Origin of each Hanzi 认识汉字的由来
  • Understand the structure and meaning of Hanzi 边旁部首的概念和基础
  • Grasp Chinese writing strokes and order of strokes 纠正笔画笔顺
  • Grow vocabulary 认识更多字
  • Develop good reading habits and improve comprehension & understanding 提升理解力、作答能力和阅读力!

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese learning environment
  • Multimedia teaching material
  • Learn word recognition, verbal expressions and build characters
  • Fun learning experience with interactive games, children’s songs singing
  • Small group learning of max. 8 students












  • 沉浸式学习环境
  • 多媒体教学
  • 学识字,学口语表达,也培养品格
  • 语文游戏、唱儿歌,快乐学习
  • 小班教学,最多8人


第一级:适合小一/小二(7 – 8岁)

第二级:适合小二/小三 (8 – 9岁)



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