Holiday Programmes 假期营

3月假期营 March Holiday Camp 2020

11-12月假期营 Nov-Dec Holiday Camps 2019

六月假期营 June 2019

三月魔法假期营 March 2019

I Want VS I Need

Financial Literacy Camp

6-8 Years Old

9-10 Years Old

So many financial decisions that one needs start making, especially after entering Primary School! Start your child financial awareness from young!

The Power of Knowing Chinese Words

Story Reading Camp

6 – 8 Years Old

Little Mouse has a magic book that could grant all his wishes and enable him to do anything he wants to — on condition that he could find the equivalent word in the book…


Magic Friendship Recipe

Story Reading Camp

7 – 10 Years Old

It would otherwise have been a perfect summer holiday, if not for my neighbourhood’s number one enemy. Thankfully, Dad had the perfect recipe to handle this…

“未来儿童” 假期营 Nov – Dec 2018

Magic Pinyin Camp

Hanyu Pinyin Camp

6 – 8 Years Old

Reinforce your Hanyu Pinyin fundamentals. Look forward to a magical transformation with new knowledge & old fun!

This class is suited for children whom have already learnt basic Hanyu Pinyin.

Lulele Money World

Financial Literacy Camp

7 – 8 Years Old / 9 – 10 Years Old

Pick up financial basics and increase your money sense, for more dollars & cents!


Financial awareness begins from young, and there’s no better time to start than….NOW!

The Invincible Hand –

Word Recognition Camp

7 – 8 Years Old / 9 – 10 Years Old

Do you know the wonders of the Hanzi (汉字)—— 手?Know that there 12 different radicals that derives from “手” and multiply your word bank. This is an introduction to Easi-Chinese word recognition class.

Children Sing-Along Songs

Chinese Song Writing Camp

6 – 8 Years Old

For the musically-inclined, there’s no better way to learn Chinese than to sing along to your own composition!

Smart News Smarter You

Media Literacy Camp

10 – 12 Years Old

Media Literacy —— yet another essential 21st-Century competency. Develop critical thinking and up your current affairs. See the world in varied perspectives and discern between bias and real news.

Time Travel Heroes

Creative Writing Camp

10 – 12 Years Old

Hold your pen like it is a sword.


Let your writing stand out from the crowd.


Enough said.

“没想到”假期营 June 2018

My Family Story! Cultural Camp

( 7 – 9 Years)

1-Day Camp

“姑姑、婶婶,还是姨妈?” Is your child often stuck on how to address his relatives?

Learn about your family relationships and know more about your roots!

Yes I Can! Vote for Me!

(9 – 12 Years)

1-Day Camp

Psst…Have you heard about it?

Lulele is looking for the world’s youngest school principal..Calling out to all 9 – 12 year-olds, do you have what it takes to be one?

My Name, Your Name

(7 – 9 Years)

1-Day Camp

Do you know what does the individual Chinese characters of your name mean? Many of these names can be mixed and matched to give birth to many new words!

Lulele’s Money World

(7 – 9 Years)

1-Day Camp

Let every day be a Chinese Fun-Day!

Using a practical and essential topic – MONEY, we use fun methods and stories to teach children financial literacy, and useful money basics – saving, spending and earning!

My Family Story
Chinese Cultural Camp (9 – 12 YO)

2-Day Camp

We answer questions from young minds through a learning journey filled with story-telling sessions and hands-on activities to keep your child curious and inspired about the past and the future!