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Books on Board! Interactive Chinese Storytelling Class

(For 7 – 9 Year-Olds)

Spend your June Holidays making friends with Chinese! Get hooked on books through our interactive storytelling sessions.

Children observe and pick up expressions, colours and visual symbols through beautiful illustrations, and imagine themselves as the protagonist in each book as we flip page by page.

Besides learning Chinese, there are also positive values for children to be take home every session.

Themes Covered*:

*Note: Different Themes are covered each session.

[Emotion Management] Emotion Well-Being is an often-neglected topic, but it is crucial in a child’s growing-up years. Children discuss about their own emotions and learn how to deal with situations better.

[Communicating Effectively] Everyone hopes to get his/her way through things, but how can we communicate effectively and achieve positive outcomes?

[Love & Empathy] Children are small beings with big hearts. Your children can be sensitive and show more awareness towards his/her environment (people, animals, surroundings, society), and then learn to show genuine concern and consideration.

[Respect] Before showing basic respect becomes a lost art, we give gentle reminders to your child… and he/she is on the way to becoming a highly respected member of the society.

Interactive Chinese Storytelling Series is brought to you by Lulele.Sg and Grassroots Book Room.


This event’s over. If you’re interested to join our next programme, drop us a message here!

夏日读乐乐—— 绘本阅读儿童班

(适合7 – 9岁)





  • 情绪管理——学会认知情绪、面对情绪、处理情绪,才能更清楚地表达自己
  • 沟通能力——孩子人生中必不可缺的课题之一,如何交朋友、有效沟通
  • 尊重差异——世界因多彩而美丽,孩子们该如何面对特殊群体、尊重不同
  • 爱与被爱——父亲在孩子的世界里扮演着怎样的角色?孩子眼中的父亲又是什么样子?


  • 精选适合7-9岁孩子阅读的主题绘本
  • 学语文,学美学,也培养品格
  • 互动阅读、语文游戏、分享讨论、动手做一做
  • 每个孩子将带回一本精美绘本+特备材料+语文活动素材


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

Dr Seuss