Parents on Board! Interactive Chinese Storytelling Class

(For 7 – 9 Year-Olds)

Designed by Dr Ng Tai Cheen (Principal Master Teacher, MOE), whom has over 40 years of teaching and training experience with MOE, this series of workshops is targeted to give tips on how parents can take on a more active role in their child’s learning of Chinese, and understand some pitfalls and issues faced during a child’s growing up.

We use picture books specifically selected for children aged 7 – 9 years. Illustrations are excellent teaching and learning tools.

Children observe and pick up expressions, colours and visual symbols through beautiful illustrations, and imagine themselves as the protagonist in each book as we flip page by page. Parents will be assisting (and encouraging) with practical activities that we have designed for each class/theme.

Besides learning Chinese, there are also positive values for children to be take home every session. And with parents by their side, every lesson shall be even more invaluable.

Interactive Chinese Storytelling Series is brought to you by and Grassroots Book Room.


(适合家中有7 – 9岁孩童的家长陪同孩子出席)







  • 本地第一位华文首席特级教师黄黛菁博士精心设计
  • 精选适合7-9岁孩子阅读的主题绘本
  • 学语文,学美学,也培养品格
  • 互动阅读、语文游戏、分享讨论、动手做一做
  • 小班教学,最多10对亲子(1家长+1小孩)
  • 每个孩子将带回一本精美绘本+特备材料+语文活动素材
  • 每个家长将带回一份家长手册


“Be the parent today that you want your kids to remember tomorrow.”