The aMAZing Camp – Lulele’s Money World

(For 7-9 Year-Olds)

It’s never too early to educate your child about Financial Literacy.  In this camp, we do so using role playing, scenario-setting, to let children appreciate (hard-earned) money from their parents, inculcate healthy spending and saving habits, as well as learn interesting facts about Money & Currency!

There will be interactive story-telling sessions, to introduce concepts to the children so that they are more digestible.

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♦ Date & Time : 6 June / 14 June / 19 June @ 9.00am – 5.00pm

♦ Age: 7 – 9 Years Old

♦ Fees: Please refer to pricing table below. Fees includes lesson materials, lunch & tea

♦ Class will be conducted in Mandarin

♦ Sign-Up Immediately below!

Oops this event is over! 

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  • 钱是什么?
  • 什么是电子钱包?什么是无现金交易(cashless payment)?
  • 我的钱从哪里来?每年的红包钱,到底是爸妈的,还是我的?
  • 为什么我不能花?我该怎么合理的使用零花钱?
  • 喜欢的、想要的东西那么多,我该怎么做?
  •  人要有多少钱才能真的幸福?

我们将带领小朋友们进入鹿乐乐的金钱世界,除了让他们对“钱”更有意识—— 该怎么花、怎么省、怎么饮水思源(他们掏出来的都是爸爸妈妈的血汗钱啊!),并在过程中学习新词汇,学习设计思维,表达自己对钱的看法。


  • 适合年龄:7-9岁
  • 主题贴近生活,有益于孩子的未来
  • 语文学习融入日常生活,拉近孩子和华文的距离
  • 课程互动性强,鼓励孩子参与
  • 对话式教学,引导孩子思考、发问、解决问题
  • 结合游戏、生活、语文、绘本阅读等元素,让孩子在学中玩、玩中学
  • 每个孩子将带回一本精美绘本+特备材料+语文活动素材