The aMAZing Camp — Your Name My Name

(For 7-9 Year-Olds)

The first information we have of someone is usually their name… What makes a name?

Parents spend so much time and effort coming up with perfect names for their juniors. Some followed traditional ones, others are named after idols, or inspired by poems, or movie characters.

So… do you know what’s behind YOUR name?

Each individual Chinese Character makes permutations of many different words (词汇), and we discuss names and significance behind them.

Learn the meanings of your name and your friends and you’ll accumulate a wealth of knowledge and vocabulary!

活动详情 Event Details

♦ Date : 31 May 2018 / 11 June 2018

♦  Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm

♦ Age: 7 – 9 Years Old

♦ Class will be conducted in Mandarin

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  • 适合年龄:7-9岁
  • 语文学习融入生活,拉近孩子和华人姓名文化的距离
  • 通过姓名了解自己,了解父母藏在名字里的爱
  • 课程互动性强,鼓励孩子参与
  • 对话式教学,引导孩子思考、发问、解决问题
  • 结合游戏、生活、语文、绘本阅读等元素,让孩子在学中玩、玩中学
  • 每个孩子将带回一本精美绘本+特备材料+语文活动素材