The aMAZing Camp: Yes I can! Vote For Me!

(For 9-12 Year-Olds)

“We the Citizens of Singapore, pledge… to build a democratic society…”

When students recite their pledge every school day, do they know what does this big word Democracy mean?

Join in this class where we break down big concepts into… fun!

We introduce a simple role-playing scene where students shall be put to the test of being a democratic people – to pick and vote for the wisest of all to become the principal of Lulele School. Amid all the gossip and wise talk, whom do we believe will serve us the best? Vote for Me!

This course aims to instill confidence in public speaking, simple presentation skills. It will also train a child’s Oral and written skills (in Chinese, of course!). Students will also learn how to discern and make their own individual decisions.

We’re on wards to building big and mature minds in these young bodies!

活动详情 Event Details

♦ Date : 13 June 2018, Wednesday

♦ Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm

♦ Venue: Drama Centre @ NLB (100 Victoria Street)

♦ Age: 9 – 12 Years Old

♦ Fees: Please refer to pricing table below.  Fees includes lesson materials, lunch & tea

♦ Class will be conducted in Mandarin

♦ Sign-Up Immediately below!

Oops! This Event is Over!

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“没想到”假期营—— 选我,选我!







  • 适合年龄:9-12岁
  • 语文学习融入生活,培养孩子表达能力与自信
  • 课程互动性强,鼓励孩子参与
  • 对话式教学,引导孩子思考、发问、解决问题
  • 结合游戏、生活、语文、绘本阅读等元素,让孩子在学中玩、玩中学
  • 每个孩子将带回一本精美绘本+特备材料+语文活动素材