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20 Mar (Wednesday) 2019

Recommended for:

P1P2 Session — 7 –  8 Years Old

P3P4 Session — 9 – 10 Years Old

P1P2 Session – 9.00am – 1.00pm

P3P4 Session – 2.00pm – 6.00pm

The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place

+65 6513 0652


A Magical March Holiday

Holiday Camp

【Financial Literacy Camp】

I Want VS I Need

【儿童金钱观营】想要 VS 需要

For P1-P2

For P3-P4

Bottled Water or Water Cooler? Fast food or Hawker Food?

Fancy Paper at the bookshop or a proper meal at the canteen?

So many financial decisions that one needs start making, especially after entering Primary School!

Start your child financial awareness from young!

We’ll start from the basics of money to principles of saving and spending. How much money do they think they need every day? What is the value of the different denominations of the notes and coins in their wallets? How much should they spend and save every day with their pocket money?


Learning Objectives:

1) Learn about Financial Planning Concept– Save First then Spend, wait/earn for things that you want etc.

2) Learn basic Chinese financial terms like savings, expenses etc. Also related Chinese proverbs.

3) Ask critical questions and learn to think independently. Eg. Learn how to make better-informed choices before spending.

4) Interactive session to encourage speaking up one’s mind.

5) Game to apply what has been learnt.






  • 基本金钱概念与词汇
  • 互动对话,鼓励表达
  • 训练独立思考
  • 记账游戏实际操练


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