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21 Mar (Thursday) 2019

Recommended for 6 –  8 Years Old

9.00am – 1.00pm (NEW SESSION)

2.00pm – 6.00pm

Course Fees: Contact us to enquire!

The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place

+65 6513 0652


A Magical March Holiday

Holiday Camp

【Story Reading Camp】

The Power of Knowing Chinese Words


For K2-P2

Little Mouse has a magic book that could do grant all his wishes and enable him to do anything he wants to — on condition that he could find the equivalent word in the book.

He’ll get a nice warm bed as he’d wished when he finds the word ”床 bed” in the book;

When he flipped to the page with the word ”light灯”, the room would be lit;

One day, he mistook the word “cat猫” for “pig猪” and got himself into hot soup. He now understands why it is so important to know his Chinese characters well!

Keen to own such a magic book too? Embark on this exciting adventure with Little Mouse and look forward to a fun & interactive storytelling and reading time together with our teachers at Lulele!


Learning Objectives:

  • Children understand why word recognition is important and how it can get them out of trouble
  • Listen and pick up colourful Chinese expressions and intonations
  • Learn to become an independent thinker and Build confidence in speaking Mandarin
  • Children will make their own magic book at the camp




  • 绘本阅读
  • 互动对话,鼓励表达
  • 学习词汇、语句
  • 制作小书


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