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For K2 to P2 (6 – 8 Years Old)

12 lessons

(1.5 hours per class)

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Magic Pinyin

*12-week Course*

For K2 – P2

Hanyu Pinyin is an integral part of Chinese learning. Learning Hanyu Pinyin well can help with better pronunciation. The tonal marks also serve as visual reminders for children. In addition, with the help of pinyin, we can then start typing Chinese, which will be essential!

Children who have learnt Hanyu Pinyin before may know their basics well, but still be confused with combinations of the Pinyin and some vowel pronunciations.

This course aims to help children build up basic knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin with strong foundation, as well as strengthening it for those who get it confused with English phonetics.


Lessons will be delivered by using a set of interactive multimedia learning too which is supported and sponsored by the Chinese Language and Culture Fund.

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Learning 47 vowels and consonants using stories, rhymes and activities to enhance child’s learning
  • Correcting Chinese words that are commonly mis-pronounced, and tackling words that are often confused with English phonetics
  • Small Class Size (max. 8 students)




u 和 ü 傻傻分不清? ie和 üe不懂怎么拼!z c zhi chi 念不明?

“听——说——读——写”当中,“听”和“说”属基础; 孩子掌握正确拼音,可标准发音以后,学习华文的过程将加倍轻松!


  • 学习47个声韵母
  • 全华语环境,浸濡式教学,90分钟轻松学华文
  • 提高语言表达能力,建立信心
  • 强化并巩固孩子汉语拼音整体认读及标调
  • 纠正中文字音,不和英文发音混淆


  • 沉浸式学习环境
  • 多媒体互动教学
  • 故事、儿歌、语文游戏,激发兴趣
  • 小班教学,最多8位学生


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