Course Details

24 Nov ; 25 Nov ; 30 Nov ; 12 Dec 2018

Recommended for 7 – 8 Years / 9 – 10 Years Old (Different Class)

9.00am – 1.00pm / 2.00pm – 6.00pm

*Refer to schedule

$68 (inclusive of material fees)

Snacks will be provided during tea breaks.

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The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place


Lulele Money World 

Financial Literacy

Holiday Camp

Bottled Water or Water Cooler? Fast food or Hawker Food?

Spend on fancy stationery at the bookshop or a proper meal at the canteen?

So many financial decisions that one needs start making, especially after entering Primary School!

Start your child’s financial awareness from young!

We’ll start from the basics of money to principles of saving and spending. How much money do they think they need every day? What is the value of the different denominations of the notes and coins in their wallets? How much should they spend and save every day with their pocket money?

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Basic Financial Literacy for the young
  • Games & Stories to enhance learning objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Basic Principles of Financial Planning —— Saving and Careful Expense Management
  • Learn to Wait. Not getting something immediately when you want it helps you to appreciate the value of the item even more.
  • Appreciate parents for supporting the family 

鹿乐乐金钱世界—— 提高你的理财意识





  • 让孩子学习养成储蓄的好习惯
  • 想要妈妈/爸爸给你买东西?等等等!
  • 抗拒诱惑 —— 太多想要买的东西,如何抉择?
  • 基本理财概念——如何为自己的零用钱做好规划,善用金钱
  • 通过模拟游戏,也了解父母为家里赚钱的辛苦
  • 抗压——朋友比我有钱? 怎么那么不公平?


  • 浸濡式华文学习
  • 丰富的课堂游戏,在玩乐中趣味学习,加深理财观念
  • 提高口语表达和听力理解


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