Programme Details

21 Oct – 18 Nov

Every Saturday and Sunday

Recommended for 6 – 9 Years Old

1.00pm – 6.00pm

F.O.C (Pre-registration is required)

The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place

+65 6513 0652



LuLeLe Learning Space

Open House

Welcome to our new home – LuLeLe Learning Space!

We will be dishing out weekend trial classes and fun language activities — freshly prepared just for you.

Come experience for yourself the “Lulele” way of learning!

FREE Trial Classes / Activities

  • For Parents & Children 6 – 9  Years Old
  • The talks and workshops are complimentary.
  • Photography and Videography is not allowed during the sessions.
  • Pre-registration required. Please check schedule for interested sessions.
  • Admission shall be on First-come-first-served basis.

1.The Invincible Hand – Word Recognition Camp  (1-hour workshop)

Parents have been asking us about the “Easi-Chinese” word recognition method. Come down for a sharing as we touch on how a using a simple word radical (手) can give birth to many other words that helps with your child’s language learning and recognizing of chinese words.


2. Get Arty with Hanzi — From Written Word to Art (1-hour workshop)

Writing in Chinese is often a major dread for children. How about taking on a different approach — “Drawing”  out Chinese (words) ? We’ll showcase images of commonly used Hanzi when they were young (like… 5,000 years ago). They had all started out as pictograms.

Appreciate and experiment the strokes of Chinese Characters with colours, fun, and create beautiful imaginative art pieces for yourself.


3. Interactive Chinese Storytelling (1-hour Workhop)

One of our most popular classes which parents and children enjoy. No child rejects a good book, moreover, an interactive storytelling session! Listen, Explore, Imagine as we bring you through the magical world of Storytelling. Don’t miss out the goodness of using Picture Books as tools to kickstart your child’s interest in the Chinese language journey!


4. Chinese Fast & Furious – An Easi-Chinese Way to Fun Learning & Word Recognition (1-hour Talk)

Learn the Science behind Chinese Language. There are 4 main methods where Chinese Characters are derived. We take time to “break down” chinese so that it is more digestible for your child to remember. Understand and appreciate the Art & Science behind Chinese with the mastery of word recognition techniques to increased Chinese proficiency.


This session is conducted by Ms Peng Lee Er, an educator with over 30 years experience teaching, researching and training fellow educators. Ms Peng established the Easi Chinese Methodology using localized (Singapore) content and has used this method for over 20 years to groom happy effective Chinese learners.


5. Ready for Primary One? A Prep-Course for Parents (1-hour Talk)

Transiting your child from Pre-school to Primary One can be a daunting process for both parent and child. There are changes to be embraced and with a better understanding of how this “next-stage” work, both parents and child can be better prepared mentally and emotionally.

Hear speaker and ex-MOE Educator, Ms Chen Lu Ning, share her personal experiences dealing with students and parents in Primary School on how to better prep parents in this first transition.



免费亲子试课 + 活动




  • 万能的手——让孩子识字有方法(1 hr)


  • 汉字作画——让孩子爱上汉字(1 hr


  • 绘本阅读——让孩子爱上阅读(1 hr)


  • 讲座——让孩子快速快乐识字(1 hr)


  • 讲座——小一生入学,家长预备好了吗?(1 hr)



6 – 9岁孩子及家长


  • 所有课程/活动免费。
  • 每个时段限定名额,需要报名。
  • 欢迎亲子一起报名,或孩子单独参加。


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