Course Details

26 to 28 Nov 2018 ; 5 to 7 Dec 2018

(3 days, 12-hours)

Recommended for 11 – 12 Years Old

1.00pm – 5.00pm

$168 (inclusive of material fees)

Snacks and Tea Breaks will be provided.

*2-To-Go Bundle Deal now ON!

Drama Centre @ NLB ;

The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place

新闻侦探 ——读懂新闻营

Smart News, Smarter You

Holiday Camp

Media Literacy is about understanding the different types of news(media) and the messages they are sending. It’s an important 21st century skill as one learns how to discern from this huge amount of information from a wide variety of sources (YouTube, Facebook, TedTalks) beyond traditional media such as TV, newspapers and radio.

Critical Thinking and a Logic Mind also comes into picture.

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Curriculum developed by Veteran Media Industry Expert
  • Develop Media Literacy (21st Century CC)
  • Real world examples used as case studies to widen current affair knowledge as well as broaden worldly perspectives
  • Strengthening Critical Thinking and Logic Mindset
  • Useful for Oral & Written Academic in School

Learning Objectives

  • Different Types of “News Articles”
  • Have a better grasp of current affairs
  • Increase ability to discern between “real” and “fake” news, facts & advertorials

新闻侦探—— 读懂新闻营






11 – 12岁 (小五- 小六年级学生)


  • 认识新闻形式、分类、来源,以及幕后制作流程
  • 学习找出新闻六何
  • 掌握新闻学名词:硬新闻、软新闻、(广告)软文、资讯vs新闻、假新闻
  • 懂得分辨新闻事实vs观点


  • 小班教学,最多8位学生
  • 互动性强,课堂讨论训练口语表达+独立思考
  • 以真实新闻作为教材,提升学生对时事兴趣
  • 范围涵盖传统主流媒体和新兴媒体


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