Course Details

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For K1 to K2 (5 – 6 Years Old)

10 lessons per term

(1.5 hours per lesson)

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Story Reading

*10 Lessons/Term*

For K1 – K2

Cultivate reading habit while learning Chinese!


Reading is important to children’s language and mental development. Picture book marks the first step in introducing a child to reading. Reading picture books not only helps boost language skills, inspire visual thinking, but also provide engagement that encourages young readers’ confidence to speak.


This course aims to provide an immersive learning environment for pre-schoolers to pick up Chinese language through story telling and reading. Wordless picture book trains children to comprehend the story from multiple perspectives. It also encourages children to express thoughts and ideas.

Children observe and pick up expressions, colours and visual symbols through beautiful illustrations, and imagine themselves as the protagonist in each book as we flip page by page.


Besides learning Chinese, there are also positive values for children to be take home every session. For instance, emotion management, effective communication, respect etc.

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Thematic learning
  • Highly interactive to encourage speaking
  • Build vocabulary and creativity
  • Small Class Size (max. 8 students)






  • 沉浸式学习环境
  • 主题式教学
  • 对话式引导
  • 理解与思考
  • 差异教学
  • 小组教学,每班最多8人


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