Course Details

5 Dec – 7 Dec 2018 (3 days, 3-hour daily)

6 – 8 Years Old

2.00pm – 5.00pm

$199 (inclusive of material fees)

Lunch will not be provided.

十方音乐 Sifon Music Production Studio

803 King George’s Avenue

#02-200 Singapore 200803


童谣创作 假期营

Write your Own Sing-Along Songs

Holiday Camp

Interest starts with Fun!

We’ll inspire children with samples of other songs and they are brilliant at picking up and making their very own songs the next moment!

Children will also have a chance to learn in a music production studio setting – perhaps a hard-to-come-by opportunity for most!

P.S:Participants are not required to have any music background, songwriting experience or know how to play an instrument.

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Learn a good number of classic Chinese Nursery Songs (童谣) and sing to them!
  • Write your own song – and make a recording of it!
  • Min. 6 pax to start class


童谣创作 假期营







  • 沉浸式教学
  • 专业音乐创作人黄宏墨老师与华文老师露凝老师任教
  • 互动式教学,学生参与感强
  • 配合活动与游戏,趣味性强
  • 学生将有机会体验音乐录制




黄宏墨老师是由教育部属下推广华文学习委员会委任驻校作家,现阶段也受邀为为本地私人学院及国际非盈利团体的华文推广活动当主要嘉宾及评判。接下来, 黄宏墨老师将继续积极推广本地音乐原创及创作儿童诗乐。


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