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29 Nov (Thu) ; 3 Dec (Mon) ;  13 Dec (Thu) ; 14 Dec (Fri) ; 18 Dec (Tue)

7 – 8 Years Old / 9 – 10 Years Old (Different Class)

9.00am – 5.00pm (1-day camp)

$128 (inclusive of material fees, lunch & tea)

*2-To-Go Bundle Deal now ON!*

SAFRA @ Punggol ; The Yards @ Joo Chiat Place

+65 6909 5636

汉字变形金刚 —— 万能的手


The Invincible Hand

Holiday Camp

Take a good look at your hand..

DO YOU KNOW that there are at least 12 different Chinese radicals that comes from the word “手” (Hand)?

Making use of Easi-Chinese way of word-recognition to help students pick-up more words with less effort (少教多学), this class is fun-size holiday programme that starts with the basics of our body parts. The first of the series being our hands!

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese Learning Environment
  • Know which are the 12 different Chinese radicals that is actually derived from “手”(Hand)
  • Learn new words (and now remember them even better!) that you now know is associated with “手” (Hand)
  • Filled with Rhymes, Songs and Stories about our hands. (Pick out words that derived from the origins of the word “Hand”)

汉字变形金刚—— 万能的手









7 – 8岁  / 9 – 10岁


  • 认识和“手”相关的12个汉字部件,及相关例字、组词
  • 了解“形声字”的基本概念
  • 学习声旁儿歌
  • 学习与手有关的词和成语:易如反掌、举手之劳、左拥右抱……


  • 丰富的课堂游戏,在玩乐中趣味学习,减少学生对华文的反感情绪
  • 大声朗读、儿歌唱游、结合故事
  • 积累词汇语句


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