Regular Programmes

*New* Term 2 Class Schedule!

EASI Chinese Class

For P1 – P3 / 7 – 9 Year-Olds

(Intensive course for P4 – P6 also available)

EASI Chinese is a multimedia* teaching programme aims to help children learn Chinese characters (Hanzi) in a methodological and fun way. It uses interesting animations and pictorial aids to help children understand the history and context of key Hanzi. Children will hence better appreciate how these characters are formed.

Magic Pinyin

For K2 -P2 / 6 – 8 Year-Olds

*12-week Course*

This course aims to help children build up basic knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin with strong foundation, as well as strengthening it for those who get it confused with English phonetics.

Creative Writing Class

For P3 –  P6 / 9 – 12 Year Olds

We guide students back to the roots of writing – tell stories. Start by describing a picture clearly, from clause to paragraph and then to an article. Through reading aloud with teacher, students will grasp the sense of Chinese language, and get to understand how quality writing sounds like.

Story Reading & Writing

For K2 -P2 / 6 – 8 Year-Olds

This course aims to provide an immersive learning environment for young school kids to pick up Chinese language through story telling and reading. It emphasizes on oral communication (expressing oneself), word recognition and writing (写字).

Besides learning Chinese, there are also positive values for children to be take home every session. For instance, emotion management, effective communication, respect etc.

EASI Chinese Pri 1 Prep Class

For K2 / 6 Year-Olds

*12-Week Accelerated Course*

Build your child’s confidence in speaking, reading and writing Hanzi with EASI Chinese as they journey into Primary One!

This Class emphasizes on learning basic strokes using easy-to-remember songs and rhymes.

EASI Chinese with Stories

For 7 & 8 Year-Olds / Primary 1 & 2

*12-week Accelerated Course*

Grow your child’s Word Bank! Using a multimedia approach and lots of stories, children shall be armed with basic word building blocks and discover how Chinese words are engineered!


Learn Hanyu Pinyin with Stories

For 5 – 6 Year Olds

10-week Introductory Course

Hanyu Pinyin is an integral part of Chinese learning. Learning Hanyu Pinyin well can help with better pronunciation. Join this Beginner Class to kickstart a good foundation in Primary School!


Books on Board!

Interactive Chinese Storytelling

( 7 – 9 Years)

Children’s Workshop

Read and Reap!

Children shall explore themes on emotion management, communication, respect and empathy through the magical world of words and illustrations.

Parents on Board!

Interactive Chinese Storytelling

(For Parents with children 7-9 Years)

Parent & Child Workshop

Parents – Are you always keen to be part of their children’s learning but not sure HOW TO get started?

Get tips in this class, specially designed by Dr Ng Tai Cheen (Principal Master Teacher, MOE).